At first, pipes can feel somewhat scary for a beginner. Slowly, You become health conscious. Don’t worry, we will find best smoking pipes so that you’ll not feel overwhelmed. Here are the best smoking pipes for beginners.

Corn Cob

Corn Cob is a cheap smoking pipes, still very effective for a beginner. Most of the time, people need break but with corn cob, you’ll not need any break and ready to go as soon as possible. Also, for sampling for tobacco, you’ll not have to worry about awful smell. Many people also use it as a travel pipe.

Pipe Tobacco

Pipe Tobacco will ever get out of style. It is the most popular smoking pipe and ideal for beginners. It has unique flavor and out-of-the-world richness, that is entirely different from anything. Pipe tobacco are combination of different types of tobacco leaves. You can create your own combination, that’ll not hurt your throat.

Packing and Lightning

To enjoy your pipe for a first time, you must learn to properly pack, light, and clean. And, this takes time and patience. It is not a such a difficult task, with time you’ll master this skill and comfortably enjoy your pipes.

  1. First, take your favorite pipe and completely empty it. Then, pick up the tobacco and place it to the bottom of the pipe carefully.
  2. Then take some more amount of tobacco and repeat that process.
  3. Continue this process, until there is some space left between tobacco and the top of the bowl.
  4. Light the tobacco and gently take your small puffs and enjoy your pipe with your friends.